Poker Strategies: Foolproof Tips

Casino, Chips, Dice, Brown CasinoEvery card game, especially poker, requires good planning and study to have a better chance of winning. In this case we are going to show you the 10 best poker strategies to follow. We will talk more specifically about Texas Hold’em, poker game par excellence.

We hope that with these suggestions and tips you can become a real winner. Of course, it does not mean that by following this list you will win all the time. Not even professional players have such high efficiency. What we can assure you is that, if you pay attention, you will improve as a player.

Play fewer hands, but play them aggressively

In texas holdem poker with no limit there is, ironically, a limit on how many hands you can play at the start before the flop. This applies even to the most skilled players. If you try to play a lot of hands in the thread, you will squander your chips and you will lose very quickly. Unless fortune is on your side, be very careful in this matter.

Developing and applying a solid pre-flop poker strategy is by far the best and most convenient way to improve your chances. However, while conducting solid pre-flop ranges is relatively straightforward, sticking to them religiously is a difficult thing. Don’t be impatient and don’t allow yourself to play a hand that isn’t worth it.

The best approach is, without a doubt, to play a reduced range of strong hands and /or with good projection. But most importantly, you must play these hands aggressively. If you play your hands without fear and aggressively, including those that give to speculate, such as 7 and 6 of spades or 5 of hearts and 5 of clover, it will allow you to camouflage the true strength of your hand.

When you up the bet, your opponents won’t know if you have double Ass, A and K or 7 and 6. This will make you a very difficult opponent. Being tight and aggressive will make you win!

Don’t be the first player to “clean up”

Cards, Jass Cards, Card Game, StrategyLimping, i.e. paying the big blind instead of raising it, is an absolute NO for the first player to enter the pot. There are 2 reasons why this play should be avoided:

  1. You can’t win the pot or pot before the flop like you could if you went up.
  2. You give the players who come back very good chances from the pot. This causes you to face many players and, as a result, you are less likely to win the pot.

The only situation where “clean” is acceptable is when at least one other player has already “cleaned”. This is called “over-cleaning”.” It can be beneficial because you’re getting good well chances. This way, if you’re lucky, you can get something good on the flop.

Quasi-lying aggressively with your projects (draws)

If you truly want to master this game, then you must apply one of these poker strategies. For that, you must lie effectively. The point is that lying with little effectiveness is a one-way trip to lose all your money at the table. How to keep a frequency of lies under control?

The best way to make a bluff is to let the cards decide whether you should lie or not. This means, lying with hands that have good projection for the better the others in the next round. For example, with ladder projects, color or even one or two upper cards on the table.